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- Ghandi

As independent filmmakers, we feel that we are making this journey in life as representatives for true change and to promote working toward a better world. 

We believe in the magic of filmmaking and the artistic creativity that needs to extend into the world in which we live.

As we are representatives for change, we believe that now more than ever it is vital for entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations, the general public, and the individual to connect and have the opportunity to provide distinctive promotion, marketing, present ideas, support causes, and each make their own efforts to effect change in a positive manner and work toward making it ‘A Better World’.

In that spirit we offer what we call ‘A Better World’ Video Production Services.

A Better World’ Video Production provides our unique, imaginative and custom services, which will enable all our clients; as an individual, entrepreneur, business, or corporation to have the ability to promote their business, ‘cause’, idea, concept, etc.; all directed toward effecting positive change and building ‘A Better World’.

Whether you are an individual, a business entrepreneur, or a corporation we can provide the right solutions for all your Video Production needs which will promote your business, ‘cause’, etc., in the most effective manner. 

We offer many progressive video services with innovative ideas and creative solutions for both a modern world and public demand.


‘A Better World’ Video Production Services for Promotion to Effect Positive Change  


Our Services Include:

  • Development
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Video Documentation
  • Creative Video Footage
  • Special Footage
  • Promotional Video
  • Informational Video
  • Post-Production

You may be an entrepreneur business, corporation, etc. that wishes to use our Video Production services to present this type of promotion, marketing, and to showcase your positive attributes and contributions.

You may support a cause or wish to start one, have an idea that you are passionate about, or whatever your needs may be, we will provide the Video Production services to assist you along the way to creating a positive change and effectively make it  ‘A Better World’ for us all.

As the issues that we face in the world we live in are too numerous to list, we cannot begin to cover it all, but the potential to make positive changes are also numerous. 

It could be promotion for saving the environment, domestic or wild species protection, human rights, children's rights, information on a project or issue, or an idea to make life better for humanity, and our world in general.  The possibilities are endless and each one of us has the opportunity to impact things in a positive way.

Every person has the ability to change the world in their own way and we want to make the journey with you.




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