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ELIZABETH A. AMIES is an Independent Filmmaker and co-owner of Binder Twine Productions.She completed her first project in filmmaking ("Pulse") which was well received and screened at festival theatres, including the prestigious Beach Blanket Film Festival.She has also Co-Produced and Directed a mini-documentary (“Dun-Waters’ Dream – The Fintry Story”) and is now in production with her next film ("Crossroads").In addition to her own films, Elizabeth serves in the capacities of Actor, Director, Producer, and Writer in independent films and stage theatre.Currently, she is successfully working full time within the film industry, performing in different ‘key’ positions (both ‘crew’ and ‘talent’) on feature film productions, M.O.W.’s, T.V. series, commercials, and short films in both Canada and the U.S.She is also a professional photographer (owner of Eagle Eye Photography).As well, for a brief period she was an on-camera Host/Reporter for OKBC.TV.Furthermore, Elizabeth has recently worked on X-Weighted (Slice network) and completed a film (Voicebox) in which she served in the capacity of Co-Producer and Director.The short film screenplay is going to be slated for feature film production, and she has been approached to serve in the capacity of Director for the feature film as well.Elizabeth brings her experience and knowledge to video productions and filmmaking.She believes all this gives her an added creative perspective and insight with regard to video production and her filmmaking career.Binder Twine Productions is ambitiously working toward excellence and distinction in video production and filmmaking with a vision for the future.Elizabeth believes this is her destiny and has a great desire to create magic.


CAREY JAEGER is also an Independent Filmmaker and co-owner of Binder Twine Productions.  Carey serves in the capacities of Producer, Director of Photography (D.O.P.), Cameraman, and Set Designer in independent films and video productions.  He served as co-Director and Cameraman on Elizabeth’s first project in filmmaking ("Pulse").  Also serving in the capacity of Director of Photography (D.O.P.) on the mini-documentary (“Dun-Waters’ Dream – The Fintry Story”), as well as the D.O.P./Cameraman on the film Voicebox, and is now in production, along with Elizabeth on the film ("Crossroads").  In addition, Carey has worked in other capacities of on-set production, including lighting, sound, and set construction.  He has also performed as an extra actor in feature films, M.O.W.’s, video productions, and commercials.  Carey has well-rounded experience, knowledge and expertise in many different aspects of video production and filmmaking.  Carey has an exceptional ‘eye’ behind the camera and an innate ability to capture spectacular images in video/film footage.  This, along with having the heart of a perfectionist, and the aptitude to plan video/film shoots with meticulous attention to detail, and highly creative vision makes him invaluable to any project.


CHRISTA PHILLIPS (Production Administrator & Assistant) has a 20-year background in corporate administration and currently works in the Financial Services industry.  In addition to this career background Christa brings her love of collaboration to the team at Binder Twine Productions.  She has been performing in both theatre and film since age 5 and growing up.  More recently over the last decade, she has been performing in numerous projects both in the capacity of video/film actress and stage theatre performer.  Independent film experience includes roles as Annabelle the Orphan and Rita, the psychotic pyromaniac mom as well as her own short film “Exorcism” as Writer, Producer and Actor.  On-set production experience includes; the pilot of The Bradley Hummer Show, and an ongoing supporting role with Binder Twine Productions.  She has outstanding skills in both organization and the coordination of video and film production. Christa shares Binder Twine Productions’ vision for “A Better World” and the excellence in service, quality and commitment required in creating lasting, meaningful work.



Many additional talented industry professionals, and crew work in different capacities from development to post production stages within our organization, and they each bring their own unique skills, creativity, knowledge and experience to every video production and filmmaking project.



Setting the STRIDE for a modern world, with an innovative approach to Video Production and Filmmaking, while maintaining a traditional value of creative excellence.


S = Service – we believe in sincere customer service and doing everything to the very best of our ability.

T = Technology – we work with advanced technology for every project, to provide a superior finished product.

R = Resources – we are film industry professionals and have a vast pool of professionals to draw from for every project.

I = Innovative – we are creative and passionate about working in the film world and always are striving for innovation within the industry.

D = Dedicated – we are truly dedicated to the creative genre of filmmaking.

E = Excellence – we believe in creating magic and achieving excellence in every project.
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